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GK & Current Affairs Quiz: June 14, 2018

1. The Union Cabinet has approved which bank’s proposal to raise additional share capital worth Rs 24000 crore?
A) Axis

Correct Answer: C. HDFC


Union Cabinet on June 13, 2018 approved the proposal for grant of permission to HDFC Bank to raise additional share capital of up to a maximum of 24,000 crore rupees. The composite foreign shareholding in the Bank will not exceed 74 percent of the enhanced paid-up equity share capital of the bank.

2. Which country has cleared the sale of six Apache attack helicopters to India for $ 930M?
A) Canada
B) Russia

Correct Answer: C. US


The US government has approved a deal to sell the Indian military six AH-64E Apache attack helicopters for 930 million dollars.The agreement has been passed to the US Congress for approval and if no US lawmaker raises an objection, the contract will go ahead.

3. Which noted Indian social reformer has been honoured with the prestigious Nikkei Asia Prize 2018?
A) Kailash Satyarthi
B) Bindeshwar Pathak
C) Medha Patkar
D) Irom Chanu Sharmila

Correct Answer: B. Bindeshwar Pathak


Sulabh International Social Service Organisation is a non-profit voluntary social organization, which was founded in 1970 by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak. The organization is noted for achieving success in the field of cost-effective sanitation, waste management, liberation of scavengers, social transformation of society, prevention of environmental pollution and development of non-conventional sources of energy.

4. World’s largest iceberg is on the verge of disappearance. What is the name of the ice berg?
A) A17
B) C06
C) B15
D) D56

Correct Answer: C. B15


The world’s largest iceberg – B-15 that broke away from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf 18 years ago, could be nearing the end of its voyage. When the iceberg first broke away in March 2000, it measured about 296 kilometres long and 37 kilometres wide but now it has fractured into numerous smaller bergs.

5. Who will launch the Solar Charkha Mission on June 27?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Ram Nath Kovind
C) Rajnath Singh
D) M Venkaiah Naidu

Correct Answer: B. Ramnath Kovind


President Ram Nath Kovind will launch Solar Charkha Mission on June 27, 2018. The mission will entail a subsidy of 550 crore rupees in the initial two years for 50 clusters.

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